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Cloud formation lining up to go home
Jet aircraft sneaking past a cloud
One cloud about to attack another
The aeroplane has avoided the cloud
The moon passes by
UFO disguised as a cloud
Close encounters of the fluffy kind
A jet aeroplane just makes it through
A bird tries to make its escape
An old cloud passes by
An aircraft flies into danger
Aftermath of a battle in the skies

Clouds were invented in around 50 BC by the Roman Poet and Inventor, Cassius Claus Oud. At his first attempt, he created 3 types of cloud, which he named after his children. Nimbus, Stratus and Cumulus. He did not rest on his laurels however, and went on to conceive many more children. His capacity for inventing new clouds did not diminish either and it seemed that every time he had a child, he created a new type of cloud. The clouds seemed to take on the characteristics of the children they were named after. Lenticular was always a bit strange and Anvil seemed to be angry all the time. His last child, Mushroom had a very difficult birth and just frightened everybody.