Now and Then in Burnham-on-Crouch

DVD video presentation


An original DVD video production created from old picture postcards and other photographs. View the town as it was over a century ago in greater depth than has ever been seen before. Watch as we zoom in to the people, their costumes and even their faces in this remarkable production.

Compare modern-day Burnham with the way she used to look. As we move the camera around, the changes take place before your very eyes. The video uses a “virtual camera” to create moving shots from still photographs. These are set to the piano music of Edward Elgar as played by David Owen Norris and make this video something that you will want to watch over and over again.


The postcard historian, Michael Head, has amassed a tremendous collection of pictures of Burnham over the years. Many of his postcards dating from around 1900 were printed at a much higher quality than could ever be seen with the naked eye. This was discovered during digital restoration work carried out by Matt & Gloss photography. Combining these techniques with those of digital video production, we have created a DVD that brings to life this early visual record of Burnham-on-Crouch in a way that has never been seen before.

On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront


The river and its surrounding area have changed dramatically over the years. This first section of the DVD looks in detail at life on the quay side as it was all these years ago. From working boats through shops on the Quay to people dressed in their finery just taking a stroll along the river, see what it used to be like.


Zooming in to these photographs reveals the faces of the people from Burnham's past history. As so many families have a long and strong connection with Burnham, it is likely that most of these people will be direct ancestors of folk living in Burnham today. Can you spot the resemblance?

Faces from the past

Faces from the past

Burnham's changing face

Burnham's changes


Using modern day photographs taken from precisely the same spot as the old ones we can see exactly what has altered - and what hasn't. We can see both how the general view and the details have changed. The areas shown include the High Street, Station Road and the Quay amongst many others.



Not as old as the other pictures in this DVD but still a part of Burnham's history long gone. They were an amateur group that used to stage performances twice a year in the old Queens Hall, which has also gone forever.


Outdoor festivities


In the early days of the twentieth century, there was no public broadcasting, not even radio. However one form of public entertainment was the parade. At the time there were three musical bands in town and they would regularly take to the streets to entertain the people of Burnham.

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An evocative look at Burnham-on-Crouch as she is in the present day. This is still one of the prettiest towns on the Essex coast. These photographs were taken in the "golden hours" of evening and early morning and reveal the beauty of Burnham-on-Crouch in all its wonderful glory.

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The Music


The music of Elgar perfectly complements these pictures and is used throughout this video. The producers would especially like to thank The Elgar Society for allowing them to use the music from their CD "David Owen Norris plays Elgar" Volume 1 for the soundtrack of this DVD.


New Pictures

Old Pictures